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The Book (letter) of James


  • James the half brother of Jesus
  • Leader in the Jerusalem Church


  • AD 45-48
  • First New Testament Letter


  • First Christians… Jewish Christians


  • Wisdom for living as Christians in a non-Christian world.

James 3:1-6

Bigger Picture Your Words Matter

  • Bit in the horse… Turns the whole animal
  • Rudder… Turns the large ship, up against strong winds
  • Tongue… Wkole body
  • Small spark… Great forest

Big Wisdom Truth

  • What we say
  • What comes from out our mouth
  • Is connected to our larger walk with Christ

Matthew Henry

We are taught to dread an unruly tongue, as one of the greatest evils….

The affairs of mankind are thrown into confusion by the tongues of men. No man can tame the tongue without Divine grace and assistance…

The apostle does not represent it as impossible, but as extremely difficult.

Matthew 15:18-19
James 3:7-12

To Be Wise
Flee from “doubleness”

  • James 1: Faith and doubt do not mix
  • James 2: Favoritism and Love do not mix
  • James 3: Praising and Cursing do not mix

Jesus -> James

  • Luke 6:43-45
  • What are you full of?

James 3:13-18

Who is wise?

Show it with

  1. Deeds
  2. Humility

Heavenly Wisdom

  • Pure – You can be holy
  • Peace Loving – You don’t have to fight
  • Considerate – Patient
  • Submissive – Easy to work with
  • Full of mercy and Good Fruit – Following God gives us good fruit for our lives
  • Impartial – Just and fair
  • Sincere – Without hypocrisy

Jesus -> James

Matthew 5:3-11 – The Beattitudes

God’s Wisdom and Kingdom are different

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