The Church is a House of Prayer, and at MCOG we believe prayer is a powerful weapon.  

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Prayer Request
  • All who are testing positive for Corona Virus (COVID -19),  All of our Police, Fire, and First Responders
  •  Our Country, Our President, and Leaders, Our Pastor, Our Staff,  Our Elders & Ministry Directors.


5/16 Pam Goodroe: I’d appreciate some prayer for myself tomorrow. I have a procedure at U of M hospital, arrival 7:45 a.m. Results from my endoscopy on May 5 revealed at least 5 large polyps growing on my stomach wall. They are the type that if they aren’t already cancer, they will become cancer. So they will be totally removing each polyp and searching the entire digestive system to remove anymore, including colonoscopy to check that entire area, It will be about a 3 hour procedure. We know the more of you standing in Faith with us, the mightier the Victory will be – in Jesus Name. I love each of you. (Submitted 5/15/22)

5/16 Mira update, making small improvements. Appetite is returning, she wants ice cream, getting some strength back, walking some. Her echo didn’t show much improvement but symptoms are fewer and less severe.(Submitted 5/14/22)5/16 Update on Uncle Steve, he and my Aunt Alice are now home here in Michigan.  They drove from Nebraska on Tuesday. Steve is doing better and is healing nicely. They had him doing intensive physical therapy and the doctors were surprised at how fast he was healing. (we do thank you for all the prayers) they were surprised he was able to go home on this Tuesday, normally they would keep him another two weeks. However, he also fractured his foot between the last two toes, that needs to heal so he can walk on his leg better and then his hip was shattered but they have that to where he is able to at least stand. There’s plates in his fingers and wrist, and he will have those removed in several weeks. He said he’s glad to be home. He’ll be on workman’s comp for several months until he’s able to physically lift things. Thank you for continued prayer. We appreciate you! (Submitted by Lisa Adolph 5/13/22) 5/16 Linda Bissonnette is having issues getting her sugar levels back under control, since her open heart surgery a few years ago. Please pray for wisdom. (Submitted by Ethel Hall 5/13/22)

5/16 Sally Kline, mother-in-law of Kathy Hergenreder, had a heart catheterization on 5/12/22 for a heart attack they suspect she had about 6 wks ago. She came through the procedure and is home. Thank you for your prayers (Submitted by Kathy 5/12/22)

5/9 Thank you to all who have been praying for my Mom. The Lord called her home early this morning. We find peace and comfort knowing that she is in the arms of Jesus. (Submitted by Laurie Babcock 5/9/22) 5/9 Laurie Babcock’s Dad who is 90 needs strength as he says goodbye to his bride of 66 years. Also, for Laurie and her family and friends. Thank you all. (Submitted by Laurie 5/9/22)5/9 Mira update; her last surgery gave her a 4 chambered heart, the ventricles have started to function poorly under demands of her new circulation, she is in heart failure. She is on IV meds that will hopefully restore that function. There should be results in a few months. If ok will leave hospital on oral meds, she will always have a mildly decreased function but now she is severe. If no improvement she will need heart transplant. Please pray for Mira, we are in deep water right now but we are going to fight! (Submitted 5/4/22)

5/9 Paula’s thyroid results – No Cancer! Praise Jesus! Thank you to each one of you who stood with us covering her in prayer. To God be the Glory! (Submitted by Pam Goodroe 5/4/22)

5/2 Kathy, sister-in-law of pastor Dave Mulherin had a hear attack Friday April 29th. Doctor has found out that she has a blockage. Please pray for her. (Submitted 5/2/22)

5/2 Jim Suttle went to be with the Lord May 1, 2022. (Submitted 5/2/22) by Sharon Roggentine) This is Sharon’s friend’s husband that we have been praying for. Thank you for your prayers.

5/2 Brandon, Goodroe’s son-in-law was hospitalized Sunday April 24th and released April 25th. He did well throughout yesterday, drinking fluids and by dinner he was eating food. This morning, April 26th, he is back in the hospital with the same symptoms; dehydration, severe vomiting and abdominal pain. (Submitted 4/26) Update from Goodroe’s: thank you for the prayers bor Brandon, he had a much better day yesterday and is keeping down solid foods. (Submitted 5/1)

5/2 From Gloria Rutledge update on Rick Wilson, he is home recovering, Prayer for Larry Wilson, he previously had a stroke, he came home and was recovering nicely, now his wife says Larry’s health is declining. (Submitted 4/26)

5/2 Karen Aleman: Update on my brother Dave. He said as far as the pain goes, the doctor said it could take a few more weeks but he is doing better every day and has returned to work. My brother and I thank you all so much for your prayers. (Submitted 4/26)

4/25 Uncle Tom Adolph, we just found out he feel and broke his hip. Not sure of any other details yet, we appreciate your prayers. Thank you! (Submitted by Lisa Adolph 4/23/22)

4/25 Rick Wilson has Covid and is very sick. (Submitted by Gloria Rutledge 4/20/22) UPDATED: Rick is on his way to ER, his oxygen in low seventies. (Submitted 4/22/22)

4/25 Jim, Sharon Roggentine’s brother is still on heart monitor, doing well. Continued prayer for results. (Submitted 4/21/22)

4/25 Dale Hopkins went to the doctor this morning and he still has the double pneumonia and now pleurisy. The doctor put him on three new medications, so hope something starts to help soon. (Submitted by Connie 4/20/22)

4/25 Dave, brother of Karen Aleman, is still having pain from the hematoma on his kidney. Also, still very weak. Can’t put any pressure at all on his stomach and groin area. Doctors are saying this could take a long time to heal. Please keep him in your prayers. (Submitted 4/20/22)

4/25 Uncle Steve fell off the back of his semitrailer pulling a pallet with a hand pallet jack. The pallet came apart and he fell off the back of it and broke his femur and wrist. He’s currently in Kearney Nebraska. He was okay and prepping for surgery. Thank you. (Submitted by Lisa Adolph late 4/19/22) 4/25 Uncle Steve UPDATE: Please also pray for my Aunt Alice. She has many health issues as well, much difficulty ahead for them. She’s not even supposed to lift 15 pounds due to her back issues. She thanks everyone much, it’s appreciated for the prayers. She said, I got here at 2:30am today. Very long 16 hour drive on 3 hours sleep. He’s out of Surgery, for the second time in 2 days. Whew! His spirits are pretty good considering he’s just starting to feel everything his body & mind have been thru. I haven’t mentioned anything about what’s ahead. All things in their own time. He shattered his wrist and right femur bone. They put in (rod, nails ,bolts, screws) in his upper right femur. His wrist is super complicated and new rare procedure involving a metal plate implanted and an interior sling from his fingers to his wrists. They brought in a specialist & they are looking for one in Michigan that can remove it in 12 to 16 weeks. Lots to be worked thru. I’ll get it dealt with. This ain’t my first rodeo. (Submitted by Lisa Adolph 4/21/22)

4/18 Janet Lalko’s Father-in-Law, He is in the hospital, he has become disoriented and very confused. We still aren’t sure what’s going on, hoping to know more today, (Submitted 4/18/22)

4/18 Dale Hopkins, Prayer needed for my husband Dale, suffering from pneumonia. Funning a high fever for two days and is in pain. Thank you. (Submitted by Connie 4/16/22)  UPDATED: 4/17 Fever has broke!4/18 Hanah Williams Has terminal brain cancer, she is 5ish years old. she is a friend of Keinath’s granddaughter in Howell. Pray she knows Jesus! (Submitted 4/13/22)4/18 John Keinath came out of surgery. Surgery went “ok” doctor still has some concerns. Continued prayers please. (Submitted 4/11/22)


Praise God for His love, mercies, goodness, and healings


  • Those Living with Cancer or Terminal Disease
    • 3/27/22 Marie Mulherin has Leukemia, please keep her in your prayers. (Submitted by Connie Smeaton 3/27/22)
    • 3/3/22 Casey Pratt has cancer. (Submitted by Nancy Slosser)
    • 1/31/22 Hudson is terminally ill. He is less than a year old. His body is attacking itself. The doctors don’t have a cure. The family also needs to know Jesus. Not sure how much time they are expecting him to live, but God can do anything! (Submitted by Lisa Kosinski 1/21/22) Husdon is Lisa’s neighbor’s grandson.
    • 11/15/21 Theresia; cancer (Submitted by Lisa Adolph 11/11) Theresia: Please add God healed me! No cancer (Submitted 1/6/22 Lisa Adolph)
    • 6/26/21 Mike (Reb Rutledge’s brother) Doctors believe he has Lou Gehrig’s Disease. 3/21/22 found out that Mike passed on in March 2022.
    • 6/14/21 Robby 35yrs old has a rare skin cancer. Grandson of Karen Aleman. (Submitted by Karen)
    • 6/7/21 Marvin Lymphoma has fifty percent survival rate. (Submitted by Tim Baker 6/3/21)
    • 6/7/21 Craig immune disorder. Brother in law to Tim Baker. (Submitted by Tim 6/4/21
    • 5/3/21 Bud Worthing a hit colon, he doesn’t want surgery. (Submitted by Darryl Babcock 5/2/21)
    • 4/11/21 Sally Kline kidney cancer (Submitted by Kathy Hergenreder) UPDATED 10/4/21 Sally is cancer free at this time.
    • 3/22/21 Amy Kniffen Gastrointestinal Stomach cancer
    • 10/14/20 Annette M’s father in law stage 4 cancer 9mo-1yr. Doing Chemo and radiation
    • 9/19/20 Ellie 7yr old acute lymphoma leukemia (Kim Moncman)
    • Connie (Don Burgess Sister)
    • Bruni cervical cancer
    • Jason’s Mom cancer found in Lymp nodes- chemo/radiation UPDATED 10/4/21 She is cancer free at this time.
    •  Erica Griffin Leukemia
    • Amanda Atha
    • Laurie B’s mom-stage 4 bone cancer  
    • Ana (Ila’s Ritter’s sister) Breast Cancer
    • Cynthia Dawson thyroid (salvation)
    • Kelly McDougal- non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
    • Claire Freeze- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma age 23
    • Dwayne-stg 4 stomach cancer
    • Rick Ford Leukemia
    • Nelson Palmateer
    • Debbie Swope
    • Kevin Roggentine
    • Tim Narsted
    • Nicole Louzon
    Service Men & Women
    Tyler Edwards,  Rick Gembel, Timothy Glazier, Ryan Ill, Austin Koch,  Jason Roller, Adrian Steenbergh, William Tribbey Jr, Alexis Unangst, Joe Yeo, Rob Anderson  & their families.


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