The Church is a House of Prayer, and at MCOG we believe prayer is a powerful weapon.  

To add a request or update, or to enact the Emergency Prayer Chain, text or leave a voicemail for Pam @ 810-577-8959

Prayer Request
  • All who are testing positive for Corona Virus (COVID -19),  All of our Police, Fire, and First Responders
  •  Our Country, Our President, and Leaders, Our Pastor, Our Staff,  Our Elders & Ministry Directors.


1/17 Chuck Willette admitted to hospital, verified had Covid, starting steroid treatments. (Submitted 1/17/22)  1/17 Bob Babcock is doing much better and hopes to be able to go home in a couple of days.  They had him walking with a belt around him to keep him from falling, he says he is really weak. He will be getting physical therapy at home and still have some oxygen. He is very thankful for all the prayers and would appreciate continued prayers. (Submitted 1/17/22)  1/17 Best friend of Janet Lalko and her friend’s boyfriend. They are fighting Covid. Her boyfriend right now can’t breathe and is having cramps in his chest area. His son has a fever now as well. Please pray (Submitted 1/16/22)  1/17 Adalind, baby daughter born Jan 3, of Melissa and Wayne Brockman, was taken off the CPAP machine yesterday so she is breathing all by herself and they are feeding her mommy’s milk, no IV fluids. So, everything is heading in the right direction. Thank you everyone for your prayers. (Submitted by Wayne 1/16/22)  1/17 Family of Sid Babcock, as he just passed away Saturday from Covid. (Submitted by Darryl Babcock 1/12/22)  1/17 Bonita, Sharon Evans sister, is on vent, she was not doing well, Sharon had her church in Florida pray and Bonita got better but till on vent. Sharon called her, the phone was put to her ear, and she spoke words of encouragement to Bonita. She still has a long way to go, please keep praying. (Submitted 1/12/22)

1/10 Family that lost their son by suicide 01/08/22 (Submitted by Janet Lalko 1/8/22. Her mom’s best friend’s son) 1/10 Irwin has a bone disease and if God does not move in his behalf they will have to amputate his lower leg and with this disease, once there is an amputation life expectancy is 2 years. James 5:6 tells us that the earnest prayers of a righteous avails much. Praying and believing God for complete and miraculous healing in Jesus mighty Name! (Submitted by Dee Gee Vroman 1/8/2) 1/10 Jean diagnosed with Covid on Wednesday. Saw doctor today. Good oxygen but lungs a little cloudy. Bigger issue is that she had major surgery in October on her 3rd, 4th & 5th vertebrae through the front of her neck and she is still on the mend from that/still wearing a neck brace. The coughing is causing extreme pain. Prayers for a complete and speedy healing in both areas. (Submitted by Dee Gee Vroman 1/7/22) 1/10 Praise from Lisa, her cousin Theresia says…I just want to give God all the praise and glory for his healing touch. I am cancer free. I just have to go every three months for whatever they do, but I can do that. That is much better than having to have chemo or radiation which I do not have to have, thank the Lord.  I would also like to thank each and every one of you, for all your thoughts and prayers during this time. Love you all. (Submitted 1/6/22). 1/10 Teena is doing much better. This last month has been a real roller coaster of emotions. Today she was transferred from ICU to a rehab hospital and will start being weaned off the ventilator and getting exercise to regain her muscles. Her body is weak from being sick ad in bed for so long. It’ll take some time for her to get back to where she was, but we thank God for where she is now. I’m thankful for all the prayers and support from family and friends and the many churches. It truly has been amazing. Please continue to pray for she has a long road ahead of her, but she is determined to come home ASAP. (Submitted 1/5/22 by Tedd Burton & Leslee LLoyd) PRAISE GOD!!! 1/10 Jean, sister of Nancy Willett, had surgery on her hand and it went well, she is on her way home, in a lot of pain. (Submitted 1/4/22) 1/10 Melissa & Dan both doing much better with Covid. Their Daughter Emery is very sick with Covid since yesterday. Has all symptoms except not having breathing issues. Praise God for keeping her lungs clear! She hurts so bad that our daughter says she cry’s in her sleep. (Submitted by John & Pam Goodroe 1/4/22)1/10 Aaron, Austin & Sarah have all healed completely from Covid. Thank you for your prayers. Praise God. (Submitted by John and Pam Goodroe 1/4/22)

1/03/22 Jody Dean is coming home on hospice. Please pray for her and her family. (Submitted 12/21/21) Jody had been taken by ambulance 12/18/21 to hospital. (Submitted by Jennifer Kittell)

1/03/22 Nolan, Ed and Amy’s son, is now positive for Covid. Their daughter Maizy is still negative. (Submitted by Janet Lalko 12/20/21)

1/03/22 Debbie’s family, as she passed away 12/20/21. Please keep them in your prayers. (Submitted by Kim Moncman 12/20/21)

1/03/22 Wendy, sister of Laurie Babcock.  Wendy is still struggling with a fever (7 days now) that won’t break. Please pray against anxiety and depression and God’s continued healing of her body.  (Submitted 12/19/21) Also thank you all for covering my out East family in your prayers. God is hearing them.

1/03/22 John, Cousin to Chuck and Nancy Willette, is in the hospital for stroke, 70 yrs old. (Submitted 12/17/21)

1/03/22 Janet Lalko and her family were in quarantine 12/15/21 because they were around her brother and his family who found out they had covid. Ella had runny nose and stomachache and a fever. Praise Jesus Ella is negative!

1/03/22 Amy, Eds wife, is now positive showing mild symptoms. Ed is pretty sick now. Prayers for healing and for the kids not to get it! (Submitted by Janet Lalko 12/14/21) UPDATED 12/18/21: Eddie had the infusion, still not any better, continued prayers please.  Amy has covid and has progressively gotten worse. She can barely get out of bed.

1/03/22 Melissa and Wayne Brockman had healthy baby after emergency C-Section due to baby’s heart rate dipping down. Thanks to everyone for their prayers. (Submitted by Darryl Babcock 1/3/22)

1/03/22 Jean, Nancy Willette’s sister, missed a step and fell on garage floor, breaking numerous bones in hand. Hospital straightened out, painfully. Must wait till Monday to see surgeon. (Submitted by Nancy 12/31/21). Surgery will be Tue. Jan 4, 2022.

1/03/22 Bonita, Sharon Evans’ sister has covid, was rushed to hospital for low oxygen and pneumonia, is on vent.  (Submitted by Nancy Willette)

1/03/22 Bri is 5 months pregnant and has Covid.

1/03/22 Melissa and husband Dan have Covid. Both were fully vaccinated. Melissa getting infusion treatment at Midnight tonight. (Submitted by Pam Goodroe 01/02/22. UPDATED 01/03/22: Had rough 3 days with Covid but today Dan is cleaning house and doing well. Melissa just feels now like she has a cold. Praise Jesus for His healing! And thanks to each of you for praying.

1/03/22 Emery 12, Melissa and Dan’s daughter, woke up this morning not feeling well. Praying it’s not Covid. (Submitted by Pam Goodroe 1/3/22)

1/03/22 Tom, soon to be bro in law to Nancy and Chuck (sis Jean), is quite sick with Covid. (Submitted 12/31/21)

1/03/22 Stephanie. Real nauseous and doctors are getting concerned. Thank you. (Submitted 12/30/21)

1/03/22 Family of Ruth Adado. Ruth passed away early morning of 12/30/21 at the hospital due to Covid complications. (They haven’t even buried her dad yet). (Submitted 12/30/21)

1/03/22 Stephanie Martin, good fried of John Keinath family, has to emergency appendix surgery. Please keep her in your prayers. (Submitted by John 12/27/21)

1/03/22 Dave Baylor, Melody’s Dad, had a Stroke Sunday 12/26/21. Pastor Greg and Melody were in Indianapolis with the family celebrating Christmas. Dave was rushed to the hospital. At 11:20p.m. he was still in ER. His speech was slurred, blood pressure very high. Melody has been at hospital all day as only one person was allowed in. Rest of family waited at home for news. UPDATED 12/28/21: Dave definitely had a stroke in the frontal lobe of his brain. No Brain Bleed.  He’s going to have to have speech and physical therapy to help him learn how to walk more steadily and help him speak more clearly.  Melody is doing most of the work of dealing with insurance, rehab and all the hospital procedures. UPDATED 1/2/2022: Pastor Greg and Melody are home. Thanking everyone for their prayers. Dave is now home from the hospital and will be having in home therapy. He is having difficulty speaking and very weak and cannot walk very steady along with some other struggles that have come from the stroke.  Please continue to pray for Dave during this difficult time. Thank you. (Submitted 12/26/21)

1/03/22 Rita, Kevin Bohunsky’s mother, is in the hospital on a ventilator that they are probably going to take her off because there’s nothing they can do dealing with her physical difficulties. UPDATE- Rita passed away 12/25/21 Please keep Kevin and his family in your prayers.




Praise God for His love, mercies, goodness, and healings


  • Those Living with Cancer or Terminal Disease
    • 11/15/21 Theresia; cancer (Submitted by Lisa Adolph 11/11)
    • 6/26/21 Mike (Reb Rutledge’s brother) Doctors believe he has Lou Gehrig’s Disease.
    • 6/14/21 Robby 35yrs old has a rare skin cancer. Grandson of Karen Aleman. (Submitted by Karen)
    • 6/7/21 Marvin Lymphoma has fifty percent survival rate. (Submitted by Tim Baker 6/3/21)
    • 6/7/21 Craig immune disorder. Brother in law to Tim Baker. (Submitted by Tim 6/4/21
    • 5/3/21 Bud Worthing a hit colon, he doesn’t want surgery. (Submitted by Darryl Babcock 5/2/21)
    • 4/11/21 Sally Kline kidney cancer (Submitted by Kathy Hergenreder) UPDATED 10/4/21 Sally is cancer free at this time.
    • 3/22/21 Amy Kniffen Gastrointestinal Stomach cancer
    • 10/14/20 Annette M’s father in law stage 4 cancer 9mo-1yr. Doing Chemo and radiation
    • 9/19/20 Ellie 7yr old acute lymphoma leukemia (Kim Moncman)
    • 9/17/20 Bonita stage 3 breast cancer.
    • Connie (Don Burgess Sister)
    • Bruni cervical cancer
    • Jody Dean (lung cancer)
    • Jason’s Mom cancer found in Lymp nodes- chemo/radiation UPDATED 10/4/21 She is cancer free at this time.
    •  Erica Griffin Leukemia,
    • Amanda Atha
    • Jacob Shufelt 7 yr. old Leukemia (Died 9-3-21 at age 9)
    • Laurie B’s mom-stage 4 bone cancer  
    • Ana (Ila’s Ritter’s sister) Breast Cancer
    • Cynthia Dawson thyroid (salvation)
    • Kelly McDougal- non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
    • Claire Freeze- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma age 23
    • Dwayne-stg 4 stomach cancer
    • Rick Ford Leukemia
    • Nelson Palmateer
    • Debbie Swope
    • Kevin Roggentine
    • Tim Narsted
    • Nicole Louzon
    Service Men & Women
    Tyler Edwards,  Rick Gembel, Timothy Glazier, Ryan Ill, Austin Koch,  Jason Roller, Adrian Steenbergh, William Tribbey Jr, Alexis Unangst, Joe Yeo, Rob Anderson  & their families.

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