The Church is a House of Prayer, and at MCOG we believe prayer is a powerful weapon.  

To add a request or update, or to enact the Emergency Prayer Chain, text or leave a voicemail for Pam @ 810-577-8959

Prayer Requests
  • All who are testing positive for Corona Virus (COVID -19),  All of our Police, Fire, and First Responders
  •  Our Country, Our President, and Leaders, Our Pastor, Our Staff,  Our Elders & Ministry Directors.


11/14 Urgent prayers for Hunter. He just rolled his truck. He had a friend in the vehicle. (Submitted 11/13/22) UPDATED: Praise Thank you for all the prayers. Both boys are ok. Hunter hit his head a few times and has a small cut on his hand. (Submitted 11/13/22)11/14 Jeremy Whitehead, Christa says, please say some extra prayers for our family.  Jeremy was admitted to the hospital last night for an infection in his hand an xlarge sliver that became infected while he was waiting to get into a hand surgeon. The infection started turning to blood poisoning and that is when he went into ER. We need the IV antibiotics to start working and for the infection to NOT reach his heart or his broken ankle. The sliver was finally removed last night and was the size of a small bone. Thank you all for your prayers. (Submitted 11/13/22)11/14 Lisa Adolph: Please pray for me. I’m experiencing extreme pain all over my body, my bones ache. All my joints are inflamed, from the top of my spine to my toes. The pain nauseates me. Started feeling this way Monday evening.  My doctor can get me in on Tuesday. Thank you! I love you!11/14 Karen Dahlstrom update: is doing better. Her butt is healing however, she still has trouble standing on her own and cannot walk, she barely takes a step or two. Hopefully with time she’s able.

11/7 Jeffery a 6-month-old has been sick for a week and tested positive for RSV yesterday. (Submitted 11/1/22) UPDATED: He is now at ER and they’ve put him on oxygen. (Submitted 11/4/22)

10/31 Christa Whitehead requested: Would you please add my family& myself to the prayer list. I will be having surgery on my neck Friday morning October 28th at 8:30. It will be a 2hr surgery. Thank you.(Submitted 9/28/22)

10/31 Elaine Weaver, sister to Rhenna Spencer, is in need of prayer as they have found a mass on her liver. (Submitted by Rhenna 9/26/22)

10/24 Karen Dahlstrom, fell Thursday and hurt herself. The Hospital said that she did not fracture her hip nor her tailbone, however she is severely bruised down to the bone.  She cannot walk or stand currently and has to be physically moved to the commode until she heals. They can’t do a CAT Scan due to the rod in her leg, nor an MRI due to type of pacemaker she has. Hopefully she will heal quickly. We are waiting on FMLA to be approved for myself as well.  Also pray the furnace will come on today. Thank you! (Submitted by Lisa Adolph 10/20/22)

10/17 Aunt Pat has been having seizures, her doctor cannot figure out what is causing them. She is now at U of M hospital for 4 days, hooked up to a machine to figure out what is going on. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors. Please pray for salvation also for both of them. (Submitted by Nancy Willette 10/17/22)10/17 Pam Goodroe update. Hello my Prayer Warriors. My lab results are in and we need to pray against MRSA and Stenotrophomonas in both lungs. Also, infection in intestines. Treating at home, but if these antibiotics don’t help will be hospitalized for IV antibiotics. I’m still having a hard time holding down food and drink, been 2 weeks now. Thanks for praying & believing for my healing. Love Y’all. (Submitted 10/16/22)10/17 John and Melody need our prayers. They are Chuck and Nancy Willette’s friends, when they met John, his wife was recovering from surgery for a tumor on her brain. Now she has more medical problems. I asked permission to add her to our pray chain because he is overwhelmed and tired with the ongoing medical issues and all the work around the house and yard. Both husband and wife need our prayers. (Submitted 10/15/22)

10/17 Jason Balcer’s Dad was taken to the hospital again on Oct. 14th. This time with right side weakness and he was unable to respond verbally. (Submitted 10/14/22)

10/17 Karen D needs prayer, she fell on her butt Tuesday Oct. 11th than again Thursday Oct. 13th coming out of the bathroom. She thinks her tailbone is hurt. She’s having a hard time moving. Pray for comfort and healing. I also signed up for FMLA Wednesday. It’s been a difficult week for us. I love you! (Submitted by Lisa Adolph 10/14/22)10/17 Becky, 36 years old – liver failure. Being transferred from Bay Med to Beaumont. (Submitted 10/13/22)


Praise God for His love, mercies, goodness, and healings


  • Those Living with Cancer or Terminal Disease
    • 8/29 Penne Jones, stepmother of April Crump, has Chronic lymphatic leukemia and her blood count is high, and she is asking for us to pray for stable levels. (Submitted 8/20/22)
    • 8/29 Jason Balcer’s dad has 2 tumors in his lung. He is having a biopsy Monday morning. He is also dealing with several other health issues including MS, diabetes and heart problems. (Submitted 8/21/22) UPDATED 9/12 Jason Balcer’s dad’s lung were confirmed as non-small cell cancer which is aggressive. And it is in his lymph nodes, they are doing a scan tomorrow 9/12/22 to see if it is in his brain. (Submitted 9/11/22)
    • 6/27 Marshall who is 20 and a friend of Delanie’s went to ER and they found a tumor. Nothing more is known at this time. (Submitted by Dee Gee Vroman 6/23/22)
    • 6/27 Jeanie who is 18 and a friend of Delanie’s. Has a muscle disorder. She’s been told she’s at her ‘peak’ and will begin to decline in a short period of time. (Submitted by Dee Gee Vroman 6/23/22)
    • 4/18/22 Hanah Williams Has terminal brain cancer, she is 5ish years old. she is a friend of Keinath’s granddaughter in Howell. Pray she knows Jesus!
    • 3/27/22 Marie Mulherin has Leukemia, please keep her in your prayers. (Submitted by Connie Smeaton 3/27/22)
    • 3/3/22 Casey Pratt has cancer. (Submitted by Nancy Slosser)
    • 1/31/22 Hudson is terminally ill. He is less than a year old. His body is attacking itself. The doctors don’t have a cure. The family also needs to know Jesus. Not sure how much time they are expecting him to live, but God can do anything! (Submitted by Lisa Kosinski 1/21/22) Hudson is Lisa’s neighbor’s grandson.
    • 11/15/21 Theresia; cancer (Submitted by Lisa Adolph 11/11) Theresia: Please add God healed me! No cancer (Submitted 1/6/22 Lisa Adolph)
    • 6/14/21 Robby 35yrs old has a rare skin cancer. Grandson of Karen Aleman. (Submitted by Karen)
    • 6/7/21 Marvin Lymphoma has fifty percent survival rate. (Submitted by Tim Baker 6/3/21)
    • 6/7/21 Craig immune disorder. Brother in law to Tim Baker. (Submitted by Tim 6/4/21
    • 5/3/21 Bud Worthing a hit colon, he doesn’t want surgery. (Submitted by Darryl Babcock 5/2/21)
    • 4/11/21 Sally Kline kidney cancer (Submitted by Kathy Hergenreder) UPDATED 10/4/21 Sally is cancer free at this time.
    • 3/22/21 Amy Kniffen Gastrointestinal Stomach cancer; Amy had stomach removed in March of 2022.
    • 9/19/20 Ellie 7yr old acute lymphoma leukemia (Kim Moncman)
    • Bruni cervical cancer
    • Jason’s Mom cancer found in Lymp nodes- chemo/radiation UPDATED 10/4/21 She is cancer free at this time.
    •  Erica Griffin Leukemia
    • Amanda Atha 
    • Ana (Ila’s Ritter’s sister) Breast Cancer
    • Cynthia Dawson thyroid (salvation)
    • Kelly McDougal- non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
    • Claire Freeze- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma age 23
    • Dwayne-stg 4 stomach cancer
    • Rick Ford Leukemia
    • Nelson Palmateer
    • Debbie Swope
    • Kevin Roggentine
    • Tim Narsted
    • Nicole Louzon
    Service Men & Women
    Tyler Edwards,  Rick Gembel, Timothy Glazier, Ryan Ill, Austin Koch,  Jason Roller, Adrian Steenbergh, William Tribbey Jr, Alexis Unangst, Joe Yeo, Rob Anderson  & their families.


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