The Church is a House of Prayer, and at MCOG we believe prayer is a powerful weapon.  

To add a request or update, or to enact the Emergency Prayer Chain, text or leave a voicemail for Pam @ 810-577-8959

Prayer Requests
  • All who are testing positive for Corona Virus (COVID -19),  All of our Police, Fire, and First Responders
  •  Our Country, Our President, and Leaders, Our Pastor, Our Staff,  Our Elders & Ministry Directors.


PRAISES: 8/8 From Kathy Hergenreder: Prayer of thanksgiving for protecting my daughter who was hauling her horses from a head on collision that occurred in front of her. People that were involved were taken to the hospital with non-threatening injuries. (Submitted 8/6/22)NEW PRAYER REQUEST:

8/8 Kevin Bohunsky father has Covid. (Submitted 8/5/22)8/8 From Janet Lalko: Asking for prayer for my sister-in-law’s Mother. She found out she has breast cancer. Surgery is planned for Tuesday. However, her tests revealed its bigger than they had thought so they want to remove the lymph nodes as well. And now she has more of a chance of needing chemo afterwards. Please keep her and my SIL in your prayers. (Submitted 8/5/22)8/8 Dane, a freshman at Fenton High, riding his bike on side of road & someone hit him and left the scene. Elderly couple found him in middle of road, confused, face and body has lots of cuts and bruises. He also has a serious close head injury, but expect a full recovery with time. Please pray for no further complication. (Submitted 8/2/22)

8/1 Sandy’s Daughter Lindsay has passed away please pray for family and friends. (Submitted by Lisa Adolph 7/27/22)8/1 Chuck Willett’s son Chuck must stop smoking and drinking now, must change his diet now. Will discuss defibrillator next visit. He has worn out his heart. (Submitted 8/1/22)

7/27 Update on Mira from Nancy Willette; sorry I gave wrong info on hospital. Mira is at Mott Children’s Hospital, she is in good spirits and energetic but her heart function is not recovering . But we still hope she will recover. She may need more time, doctors said no way to say what will happen one way or the other but they have seen some pretty amazing things happen throughout the years. Since April 27th Mira’s parents have been seeing each other for 1 hour on Friday and Sunday as they trade places. One goes home to their other daughter and one stays with Mira. Thursday Dad was able to spend the whole day with them. They had a great time holding hands and exploring the hospital. Continued prayers. God bless you and God bless Mira. (Submitted 7/24/22)

7/26 Chuck Willette Jr is having heart cath today at 12p.m. (Submitted by Willetts 7/26/22)

7/25 Julie Galloway and her family and friends need our prayers as Phil, her husband passed away July 21, 2022. (Submitted 7/22/22) His funeral is July 26, 2022.

7/17 Harper, praise update! We were able to hold her after 5 days and today She’s been cleared and discharged from the hospital at Hurley! It definitely was a long and emotional 6 days in there. Just got to give a thanks to the most amazing PICU nurses!! We couldn’t have done it without them!  Thank you everyone for the prayers! (Submitted 7/14/22)

7/17 Lindsay, is on life support at Hurley due to an overdose last night 7/13. She is the daughter of Sandy, who is a good friend of Lisa Adolph. (Submitted 7/14/22)

7/11 Lauren was released home today from Covenant Hospital. Please continue to pray against an abscess developing, or her fever returning. Pray for full recovery. Thank you so much. God is good. (Submitted 7/7/22)

7/11 Chuck Willette Jr. For reasons we don’t know he turned down surgery for pacemaker for this past Tues. Doctors office will call back with new date. Last night Jr went to the hospital, he now has pleurisy. Son is not saved, keep praying please. (Submitted 7/7/22)

7/11 Jaden, Cousin of Janet Lalko, he has had a rough week. Resting heart rate is extremely high, high BP, dehydrated, lost his voice, been to doctor, med express, ER, may have to go back to hospital. 2 negative covid tests, 2 negative strep tests, testing for mono now. Please pray for healing, guidance and to figure out what is going on with him. Thank you!! (Submitted 7/2/22).  UPDATED 7/6 Jaden is improving on new meds, heart rate is still a little high, but he is eating and drinking more, and he got his voice back. I was told he had horrible sinus drainage in the beginning. They gave him prednisone and he had a horrible reaction to that med plus he was dehydrated. Please continue praying for him to keep improving! Thank you! (Submitted by Janet Lalko 7/6/22)7/11 Baby Zacheria (one of my cousin’s twins that I asked for prayers for different times) is officially 1 today! He is rolling over now, starting to be able to eat different foods. His health seems to be up and down and never know about upcoming surgeries. But as of now he seems to be doing great. He has been such a trooper for all he’s gone through. Thank you all for the prayers! (Submitted by Janet Lalko 7/6/22)7/11 Garrett a 12yr old boy who just got airlifted to Hurley Hospital because a chainsaw chain broke and wrapped around his left arm above the elbow. (Submitted by Christa Whitehead 7/8/22) UPDATED:7/10 The chain missed all major blood vessels and nerves. It did fracture his elbow & he has a big chunk missing in his arm. He gets to come home today. Please continue to pray for healing.

7/11 Pete Malnati. His health is failing fast. Please Pray. (Submitted 7/9/22)

7/11 John Keinath: My surgery went well, but painful. Thanks for covering me in prayer! Had 1wk postop Dr Appt yesterday and it went ok. I have a torn stitch in eyeball. 1 more wk of house arrest. God is good. Thanks Again. (Submitted 7/9/22)7/11 Greg Mulholland is not going back to work he has another doctor appointment on July 29th. (Submitted by Annette Mulholland 7/9/22)7/11 Annette Mulholland’s Mother’s surgery went well. She had surgery for skin and breast cancer and believes it is gone. (Submitted 7/9/22)7/11 Annette Mulholland, I was taken off one medicine and put on another for anxiety. Most of my problems are stemming from medication and stress. (Submitted 7/9/22)

7/11 Annette’s Father-in-law is eating a little bit but it is food that is easy to swallow. (Submitted 7/9/22) See previous 6/13 request.

7/11 Harper, just turned 3 months old. She has RSV. She is in the NICU at Hurley Hospital. (Submitted by Lisa Adolph 7/9/22) UPDATED 7/10/22 Harper is very slowly making progress. They put her on a bipap machine to help her breathe better. They put a feeding tube in, she’s getting another set of X-rays. They’re goanna start giving her suppositories to help get rid of air in her stomach. Her liver is being affected at this point. She’s not out of the woods by any means. All day the bipap machine has been turned up then back down. So we get 2 steps ahead then have to go backwards because her oxygen levels drop and her body needs the extra rest. They did up her feeding tube amount so she’s getting more calories to help her body! She’s getting breathing treatments throughout the day. Being that it’s a virus they can’t give any meds to help, so it’s a waiting game at this point. She’s pretty much slept all day. She did open her eyes and smile a few times this evening. The doctor was happy with her small progress so far! Thank you for your continued prayer we appreciate it. (Submitted by Lisa 7/10/22)


Praise God for His love, mercies, goodness, and healings


  • Those Living with Cancer or Terminal Disease
    • 6/27 Marshall who is 20 and a friend of Delanie’s went to ER and they found a tumor. Nothing more is known at this time. (Submitted by Dee Gee Vroman 6/23/22)
    • 6/27 Jeanie who is 18 and a friend of Delanie’s. Has a muscle disorder. She’s been told she’s at her ‘peak’ and will begin to decline in a short period of time. (Submitted by Dee Gee Vroman 6/23/22)
    • 4/18/22 Hanah Williams Has terminal brain cancer, she is 5ish years old. she is a friend of Keinath’s granddaughter in Howell. Pray she knows Jesus!
    • 3/27/22 Marie Mulherin has Leukemia, please keep her in your prayers. (Submitted by Connie Smeaton 3/27/22)
    • 3/3/22 Casey Pratt has cancer. (Submitted by Nancy Slosser)
    • 1/31/22 Hudson is terminally ill. He is less than a year old. His body is attacking itself. The doctors don’t have a cure. The family also needs to know Jesus. Not sure how much time they are expecting him to live, but God can do anything! (Submitted by Lisa Kosinski 1/21/22) Hudson is Lisa’s neighbor’s grandson.
    • 11/15/21 Theresia; cancer (Submitted by Lisa Adolph 11/11) Theresia: Please add God healed me! No cancer (Submitted 1/6/22 Lisa Adolph)
    • 6/14/21 Robby 35yrs old has a rare skin cancer. Grandson of Karen Aleman. (Submitted by Karen)
    • 6/7/21 Marvin Lymphoma has fifty percent survival rate. (Submitted by Tim Baker 6/3/21)
    • 6/7/21 Craig immune disorder. Brother in law to Tim Baker. (Submitted by Tim 6/4/21
    • 5/3/21 Bud Worthing a hit colon, he doesn’t want surgery. (Submitted by Darryl Babcock 5/2/21)
    • 4/11/21 Sally Kline kidney cancer (Submitted by Kathy Hergenreder) UPDATED 10/4/21 Sally is cancer free at this time.
    • 3/22/21 Amy Kniffen Gastrointestinal Stomach cancer; Amy had stomach removed in March of 2022.
    • 10/14/20 Annette M’s father in law stage 4 cancer 9mo-1yr. Doing Chemo and radiation As of 6/6/22 he is still with us and still receiving chemo treatments. Please keep in your prayers.
    • 9/19/20 Ellie 7yr old acute lymphoma leukemia (Kim Moncman)
    • Connie (Don Burgess Sister)
    • Bruni cervical cancer
    • Jason’s Mom cancer found in Lymp nodes- chemo/radiation UPDATED 10/4/21 She is cancer free at this time.
    •  Erica Griffin Leukemia
    • Amanda Atha 
    • Ana (Ila’s Ritter’s sister) Breast Cancer
    • Cynthia Dawson thyroid (salvation)
    • Kelly McDougal- non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
    • Claire Freeze- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma age 23
    • Dwayne-stg 4 stomach cancer
    • Rick Ford Leukemia
    • Nelson Palmateer
    • Debbie Swope
    • Kevin Roggentine
    • Tim Narsted
    • Nicole Louzon
    Service Men & Women
    Tyler Edwards,  Rick Gembel, Timothy Glazier, Ryan Ill, Austin Koch,  Jason Roller, Adrian Steenbergh, William Tribbey Jr, Alexis Unangst, Joe Yeo, Rob Anderson  & their families.


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